Two years ago in a small town located in the scenic Rock River Valley a stalwart and concerned group of citizens banded to together to form, (imagine a big guitar riff) THE RIVER FRONT AND OUT DOOR RECREATION GROUP!

   We work to improve Oregon’s relationship with the beautiful Rock River. It’s one of our community’s best assets, and helps make our community one of the most scenic areas of northern Illinois.

Part of the group diligently set about determining the many out door activities in the area around Oregon. Another part of the group began by looking at the river front and working on ideas to improve its appearance and ways to facilitate increased use of the river.

The group has been in contact with many other organizations to achieve its goals. 

Projects have included:
  • Met with local IDNR representative to discuss the condition of the dam.
  • Met with Oregon Park District to propose a west bank river walk and wild life viewing platform near Kiwanis Park
  • Sponsored a local river clean-up day
  • Participated in the Rock River Sweep
  • Brush clean-up on top of the dam
  • Added large “sitting rocks” to the west side of the dam
  • Cleaned brush behind Conover