As part of the Oregon Together, the Festival, Events, Dining and Shopping (FEDS) committee is made up of individuals who want to work at making things happen in and around downtown Oregon. The city of Oregon has a lot to offer residents and non-residents alike. The FEDS committee is charged with providing fun and/or family centered activities in the town of Oregon. The goal is to get people out and about in Oregon to see and learn what the town has to offer.

The FEDS committee is open to any and all ideas that will enhance public activity throughout Oregon. This beautiful city has a great deal to offer its residents and visitors. Being a part of the FEDS committee is a fun way to get to make friends and support the community. Over the past two years the FEDS committee has been instrumental in creating a variety of fun activities for all.

To date the FEDS committee has organized a Chocolate Walk, where participants were provided a map of local businesses and asked to visit each of the participating businesses in return for a piece of chocolate. If a participant visited a majority of the local shops their name was entered in a drawing for a wonderful gift basket. This evening outing got people downtown Oregon and into the local businesses to see what they had to offer. The response was very positive from participants and shop owners alike.

The FEDS committee also hosts a monthly movie night at the local coliseum for families to attend at no cost. Local businesses sponsor the movies so families are provided a fun family evening each month beginning in October and ending in March.

Finally the FEDS committee is partnering with the Oregon Chamber of Commerce in hosting a one day festival offering music, kid games, food, tug across the river, and triathlon. The one day event features three bands providing a variety of music appealing to multiple tastes. The festival brings together all of Oregon and its visitors for a fun filled day. This exciting gathering is hosted on the riverfront, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Oregon, Illinois.